How much coffee is too much? What to do with excess?

After my morning coffee, I collect the used grounds and put them in the fridge in a bowl. When the bowl gets full, I sprinkle it over "bad" sections of the lawn. I don't know if it actually does anything, but I've read that it adds nutrients to the soil, attracts earthworms, and repels some pests.

Over the winter I plan to cut back close to 100 small saplings, reclaiming almost an acre of property that's currently unused. I plan to plant fruit and nut trees in the spring (maybe spring in 2023, depending on how it goes), then fill in with my excess canna lilies, irises, and sedum. I might also build four 4x4 raised garden beds for hot peppers (probably using bagged soil from Lowes that's designed for raised beds).

My question is, should I spread coffee grounds here? If so, how much is too much?

I was chatting with the owner of the local coffee shop yesterday, and they currently pay to have their grounds hauled off. I realize that I could supply them with a trash can and get a LOT of it for free, and it would tickle them to death!

If I did, how much of it should I actually use? And is there anything practical that I can do with the rest of it?

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