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Need help in home assessment. Multiple hairline cracks throughout home

2 years ago

Hi everyone.

I'm currently in a market to purchase a home and I saw a home yesterday that I like the location and floorplan, but it's in obvious disrepair.

In addition to the home needing common updating, there are issues that concern me enough to make me wonder if it's even worth pursuing. Namely the home has a history of multiple roof leaks (ceilings around home show water spots) and there are multiple areas of extensive hairline cracks on the exterior and interiors of the home. This indicates foundation settlement and maybe structural issues. In the pics I show, there are large support beams on the inside that extends to the outside that show signs of stress. This is in addition to various other hairline cracks throughout the interior and exterior of home.

In addition, with a history of leaks, there worry for undiscovered mold. Is mold a costly thing to remediate if needed throughout home?

Please let me know what you think about this. Are there major structural red flags here?

Look at the closest beam and note the cracks. All the beam edges along house show extensive water wear:

Here is an interior shot of the same beam. Note the large crack in beam:

Some interior cracks:

Please help and give me your thoughts!

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