Why does our skin get so thin as we age? Anyone know?

7 days ago

I watch my neighbors dog when he travels. He is a Marine Biologist and lives alone, never married. He is a good neighbor and I love his dog. Have been watching her since a pup when he travels.

She was staying with me while he was away for the weekend. Yesterday, she was happy to see me when I came home from having dinner out. She jumped up on me (she's a English Pointer), and her nails hit my forearm and tore the skin. It was a bloody mess.

My son with with me and he helped me bandage it. I went to Urgent Care today to see if I should be on an antibiotic as my arm was really a mess.

The doctor looked at it after removing the bandage and proceeded to clean it properly (painful) and spray a antiseptic on it. She bandaged it again. She said when you get older (I'm 72) your skin becomes so thin anything can tear it.

She then ordered a Tetanus shot and gave me a prescription for Bactrim.

Just wondering why our skin gets so thin as we age? Is there anything that can reverse or improve the strength of our skin?

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