Should I or shouldn’t I? Sofa but no house.

7 days ago
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This is killing me lol. I have had this dream in my head for a while about a British race car green leather chesterfield sofa. Although incomplete my vision is sort of an old palm beach look involving cane or burl and a contemporary lean of chinoiserie. No blue, I want greens, corals, light walls, bamboo, cane and some painted or black.

I’m still sorting it out in my head.

Anyway, when researching leather chesterfields I became very discouraged at the prices for a quality sofa and thought the chances of me finding a nice used “green quality Chester almost impossible.

Fast forward and I found a beautiful used green lexington chester in great condition for a great price.

I could fit it in my a/c storage rental.

But, here’s the thing…I have no house yet. Due to the fact that I want to be in town in the area I’m seeking I’m probably looking at about 1,600 to 1,700 sf. living area total.

I know I shouldn’t but I really want to buy it.

Am I just being stupid?

It’s almost exactly “like” the one below in color and style.

I will have to furnish the new place as I sold most all furniture to the buyers of my old home. I need deals.

What to do?

Edited to add size. The sofa is 8’10”L according to the owner and my favorite height of 32” & 42”d.

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