Induction + Bridge Elements: Do You Love It?

I've only worked with two choices before: electric coil ranges, and gas ranges. I have never worked with an electric smoothtop of any description.

I want my next range to be induction. And I'm very interested in the idea of a "bridge" feature because the gas range I used to have (at a previous house) had a section that could blast heat along almost the full length of a cast iron griddle. It was handy for making pancakes or other big-batch recipes, and I miss it.

My attachment to the idea of a bridge feature is causing me to prefer some ranges to others. For example, I'm giving extra points to 30" Bertazonni or 36" Fisher-Paykel over 30" Fisher-Paykel because the former two have a bridge feature. Likewise, I'm leaning toward GE Cafe over LG because the Cafe has a bridge feature.

But ... how useful is the bridge feature? Does it work really well for heating a long griddle? Or i it finiky and underwhelming?

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