Can anyone please help me figure out to do with my rose canes?

Garden Mist
8 days ago

I'm in Zone 8b, Fraser Valley, BC

Hi everyone, Fall is here now and I am getting ready to tie up my climbing rose for the winter months. I just need someone to tell me what canes to keep and which ones to get rid of? Do I need "all" these canes? The very main cane has a round blotch on it. Would that be where I pruned an old cane or a lateral cane. Should I cut that cane off or leave it. I don't know which way to bend my canes. I actually took all the leaves off so I could see the framework better. I hope I didn't kill it. It is called "Amadeus" Very pretty red. Thank you all in advance.

Half way up the can is a green knotty (what is this)? Is it a disease? Should I cut this cane out?

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