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please help me figure out the best raised bed layout for my yard

10 years ago

Hello everyone,

My goal is to have at least a couple hundred square feet of raised beds so I can grow as much of my own vegetables as possible and maybe even some berries.

My challenge is my back yard. It is about 50' wide and about 21' deep (from the back of the house to the back fence. From the 6'x12' patio it is only 15 feet to the back fence. I also have two dogs who use the back yard, and an abundance of wild rabbits that like to eat what I plant.

Currently I have a 12'x16' corner fenced off with about 100 square feet of raised beds enclosed. It works ok except the rabbits have started getting in. I just want more garden, preferably without taking up the whole back yard. I live alone with the two dogs and I don't use my back yard for much else.

I realize my tiny back yard is not idea for serious food production, however I would really appreciate any suggestions as to how to make the most of what I have.Here are some photos of my back yard to show its size and overall layout:

East fence facing west:


West fence facing east:


Patio facing north (back fence):


Patio facing east:


I have some different designs sketched out - my favorite is building 2' wide beds all along the perimeter of the yard, then adding a large bed in the center on each side. The other design involves building an enclosed keyhole type arrangement in each side of the yard, leaving the center area open as well as the fence/perimeter of the yard. Here are diagrams to show what I mean:



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