Hotel style Bedroom

15 days ago
last modified: 15 days ago

Hello Houzzers, I have a small bedroom (11'2"x10') with a 5.5' x 20" panoramic window over the queen bed which I would like to transform into a hotel style luxury calm cozy oasis in Toronto. I would like to make a headboard (who am I kidding I will end up buying one) and was wondering what size/material and colour you thought would be best. Should it come right up to the base of the panoramic window? Ceiling height is 8'5.5". I notice round night tables seem to be in fashion and that rugs are placed toward the bottom of the bed showing on 3 sides. Any suggestions on rug fabric given it will get alot of wear? Oversize artwork seems important but where to buy at reasonable prices? Also lamps, what to do what to do?

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