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About bedrooms accessed through other bedrooms . . .

9 years ago

It's primarily an old house thing, or maybe a horrendously misguided serial renovation thing, but it's a thing, nonetheless.

I see this primarily in 100+-year-old city homes, and now in the older adobe homes I'm perusing in the southwest (it's gotta be old for me, hence the inherent oddness). I can see how it would be PERFECT for keeping wayward kiddos under constant surveillance. But as a guest room? Or having to go through two bedrooms to get to the main bathroom?

The true hacienda-type homes are typically one room deep, but the rooms usually have external doors that open onto a portal/covered exterior hallway to allow for private access. But some of these homes I'm seeing are more recent and quasi-urban (ca. 1930s, probably) than the true haciendas, with no external access to the "hidden" bedroom or the bath, so what gives?

Has anybody lived with such a setup and lived to tell about it? It's just DH and me 99% of the time, but it still just seems super odd.

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