Is this bedroom set too massive for my bedroom? (pics!)

10 years ago

Here is the current state of our bedroom. Don't judge :) We have lived here for 3 years, this was the paint from the previous owner and we are now ready to completely redo. We will be scraping the popcorn off the ceiling, adding 4 or 6 recessed lights, new fan, new paint, and of course all new furniture, bedding, etc etc etc.

Standing at the doorway


facing the door to the master bathroom


wall opposite the bed


computer nook (cannot be seen from bedroom enterance. I would like for my husband to make "doors" to cover the open cabinets... we'll see.) It is a useful area, even though it's unsightly.


Facing the bed.


However, this is not a *huge* room. It is 165" wide and 195" deep. (so about 16 ft. x 13 ft) I'm not so worried about length as I am width. (I am not counting the computer nook)

The master bedroom set I am considering is City Club by Stanley. I am not 100% sold on this set, but it will probably be something similar. See link below. It's a pretty massive set.

For example- we want a king size bed. The bed is 85" wide. The space between my windows is only 76", so the bed will over lap the windows. Will that look goofy?

The night stands are 32" wide. If I do 2 night stands and the king size bed, that's 149" and I only have 165". There are skinner night stands (the telephone stand) that are 22" so I think that would be a better bet. (129") wdyt?

fwiw- the windows are 34" wide.

I want to get either the dresser or the Oxford Dressing Chest with a mirror. That will go opposite the bed... I feel like there is plenty of room for that.

Finally- I want a tall dresser (there are 2 to choose from- the Cottage Drawer Chest or the Oxford Drawer chest; they are very similar.) I would put that on the wall next to the bedroom enterance- it's 95" wide and the chests are ~45" wide- so plenty of room there.

I am mainly concerned w/ the bed and night stands. We are probably never moving and we will keep this furniture for a long long time so I want to make a good decision.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Here is a link that might be useful: City Club by Stanley

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