Please help with color! I am so desperate! Rental FP is too much!

last month

Hi there. I posted the other day about our rental fireplace and how much I am struggling with it. I received good feedback and appreciate it. It is a floor to ceiling multicolored slate tile and an orange short mantle. I heard slate is supposed to be timeless but all I see is outdated, pink, orange and gold, busy and bossy. I am a very visual person and the huge FP is the focal point of the living room so I can’t ignore it. Oh and the grout is pink. Well my husband (so sweet he tried to help) put temporary white shiplap on the top had hoping it would help tone down the bossy FP. We are going to get a different color mantle that goes all the way across which was recommended by someone on this site. And the floor is getting changed to a more modern color wood. Since I am renting for a few years here I need to do things allowed by owner. So here are my questions and would just LOVE some help please:

Should I leave the shiplap, paint it the same color as the walls, get a longer mantle and leave the rest as is?

Should I take off shiplap, get longer mantle of different color and change grout color from pink?

Should I just get a longer mantle and leave rest of FP as is? If so, what kind of decorations would go with it?

And last, any recommendations on wall color?

I appreciate any help as I am really struggling with figuring this out. Thank you all! 🤟🏼

I attached picture of FP before hubby added shiplap and after.

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