Have a cold! Teaching in mask with runny nose 0/10 do not recommend

last month

Well, at least it's not COVID! I've taken two tests.

But colds are back.

We went to a music festival last weekend and had an overall good time. There were some major issues with parking but once that was figured out things got much better. I wore my KN95 mask on the parking shuttles, in the rest rooms, and when it was not possible to distance. It was also very dusty, especially in certain areas of the festival.

So, I started to feel lousy Tuesday later afternoon after I finished teaching, sore throat, runny nose, which are main Delta symptoms. I was actually able to schedule a test for 8:30 p.m. that came back negative. A subsequent test was also negative, so it's really just a head cold/sinus.

I WFH on Wed but Thursday went in the afternoon for class and lab when nose was really runny in my mask. Yuck. It is bad enough teaching in a mask but adding a runny nose is worse. Was able to WFH on Friday.

Finally starting to feel better. Of course, DH has had no issues.

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