NC Custom Furniture Mistakes. How to Resolve

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last month

I ordered a rather expensive ($6000) custom chair and ottoman from a well known North Carolina maker. It is covered in Italian linen velvet, hence the cost. It was delivered with a number of issues. The nailhead design of the chair is a key part of the look since the fabric is a solid color. It came without the ordered nailheads (catalog picture below). However the ottoman DID come with nails— so they don't match. The ottoman cover was sewn with crooked seams and too small so the corners look crushed in and the top is wrinkled The local dealer hired an upholsterer to fix it and he said because its poorly sewn and cut too small and he cannot fix it.

Customer service in NC has been slow and indifferent. They finally agreed to take the ottoman back and remake it but I still won’t have the nail pattern on the chair and the dye lots for chair and ottoman won’t match. What would a reasonable person do in this case? Send the ottoman back to be remade? Send both the chair and ottoman back to be remade and wait another six months or more for a new set (and hope it doesn’t have its own issues) leaving a big hole in my (just completed) living room re do. Seek a financial adjustment and live with it? If the last, what is a fair ask re a discount? I’ve been dealing with this issue for eight months. I feel like at this point it would have to be a signficant discount to make me happy-ish. Kind of a silly problem but I can’t decide what to do.

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