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Repeat Food Floof! Its that time of year.....

last year

Almost anyway. The air is teasing the arrival of Fall and with it, that most sugar-rific of holidays. Halloween! I am putting up my workplace display on September 25th, because that's the date it makes the most sense this year. And with the decorations comes treats! Lots and lots of TREATS! I asked this question last year but rather than go back and reread everyone's responses, I thought I would pose it again, times and tasted change after all. So, imagine walking up to a big candy bowl. What would make you the happiest to see in it?

(For the purposes and in the spirit of floof, we can imagine that the candy in MY magical trick or treat bowl is calorie free, full of vitamins and nutrients, and reverses aging okay? Keep it fun)

I would like to see Reeses halloween shapes: punkins, ghosts and bats.

Your turn!

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