Will this condensate pump work with gas (propane) furnaces?

6 days ago

Hello. First off, I'm quite sure this pump I'm looking at will work for me, but I really wanted people who know better than me to offer any input they can before I potentially order the wrong product. We have a condensing gas furnace that runs off propane. We currently have a Little Giant condensate pump that specifies on the unit that it works with gas furnaces. It was recommended that we add a condensate neutralizer because of our septic system, and the current condensate pump is a bit old so we figured we'd get an all-in-one unit like this Saniflo product:

I was just about to order that, but realized it doesn't specifically mention condensing gas furnaces, whereas this other model does (it looks like it's maybe an old model):

Before seeing this older model I never questioned the Saniflo Best unit, but now I feel like I need to double check that this will work for our high efficiency gas furnace. Also, if anyone has any other recommendations or input, for other brands, or really anything else for this system, I'm happy to hear it. Little Giant seems to get better reviews than Saniflo, but they don't seem to offer a pump that includes a neutralizer. Also, for more info, our current unit pumps the condensate up roughly 8 feet vertical (through maybe 15 feet of tube) into one of the main sewage lines. Additionally, the septic system failed a few years before we bought this house 2 years ago and was completely redone, and the inspector questioned if the lack of a condensate neutralizer could have contributed. I don't know what the previous system was or how it was maintained, so the condensate could have had nothing to do with it.

Thank you to anyone who has any input on this.

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