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Hello everyone! We moved and i need some help with our living room. Thanks to anyone that commented on my kitchen post. I took a few pictures to help see the area. I have the bookshelf now in the blank space in the last photo.. However, im not happy with how the layout looks and need help with decorating. We got the home on a land contract so cannot do any major renovations until after we have financed the remaining portion next year. I plan to get some rugs after ive decided how to decorate but can anyone give me any advice? can anyone recommend a type of art or color scheme that would work with what i have? We go out the sliding doors several times a day so i cant move the couch over much more. I have 2 of the round coffee tables but cant figure out how to keep them both without crowding the space. I do understand its a lot of brownish but I am not ready to get rid of my couch. It was a gift from my father who passed away from cancer.

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