Hummingbird moth's special visit today

I tried to post this to a previous thread on hummingbird moths from Aug. 22nd. My message disappeared! So I'm typing it all over again and starting a new thread.

Today I was sitting in the orchard near what I call a wild honeysuckle bush. There was a branch reaching out to the side and slightly above me. Suddenly a hummingbird moth came and lit on a leaf, tucked its abdomen underneath the leaf, then flew off. I never saw this before. Then it dawned on me, perhaps it was laying eggs.

So I find the leaf and turn it over. Squinting my eyes, I find a tiny, white, shiny egg! I wish I had had my camera, tomorrow I will see if I can find the leaf and take a photo.

Is the hummingbird moth's life cycle like a butterfly? Does the larvae overwinter in the cocoon? It seems late in the season to hatch, grow, and turn into a moth. I guess I should do some research. Anyway, the whole thing was special to me, to be in the right place at the right time to witness this.

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