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Danielle Fitzgerald
last month
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We moved into a much bigger home and im a horrible decorator. I need help with the kitchen and living room but for now…. my kitchen/dining room has a 18 foot long wall and i dont know what to do. Should i try and seperate the eating area from the kitchen or do pictures all the way across? Or some other type of decor? Would you do something above the cabinets or leave it blank? (There is no ledge) And lastly, should the decor kindof match if I did a abstract art in the living room? Any help would be appreciated!! I took pictures from different angles to help get an idea.

Edit: New to this platform so havent figured out if i can reply to each person yet… ao to answer a few questions- There is only about 3 feet from the wall to the countertop, 4 feet from the wall to the edge of the table not including the chair space, and 6 feet from the counter to the table. Yes, it is a hot tub that can be seen in the corner. Both glass are sliding doors but we use only one to go out to the pool area. (As well as another door from living room.)

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