Do you ever save ingredients labels as recipes?

12 days ago

I do use them as ideas and all, but today was the first time I actually made the recipe without trying the product. It was a sort of South Asian inspired oatmeal. Since it sounded good, I would have bought it--if not for the great rolled oats glut of 2021. (I posted awhile back about how I meant to buy one pound of rolled oats for cooking with and ended up with a two pound bag and three pound bag!) I usually use steel cut for making oatmeal, but the "recipe" called for rolled oats--check! I have lots of those. I haven't had a chance yet to get into the savory oatmeal experiments, but this one didn't call for any prep. Just dump things in a bowl and zap.

Okay. It might have had a better texture if I'd made it on the stove--it came out gluey--but that might just be the rolled rather than cut oats. The texture was otherwise just right. I don't usually put "stuff" in my oatmeal, so I used a light hand. It could have used more of everything, but it was as good as it sounded.

Rolled oats, currants, pepitas, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, mace, salt.

I've been substituting mace for nutmeg where it doesn't matter, like this, because I prefer the flavor. And I left out vanilla. It probably tastes good, but I didn't want it. The pepitas are the big revelation. They give a little crunch without being actually crunchy. Just a nice texture contrast I would have never guessed I'd have liked so much. :)

No picture. It looked like oatmeal. :)

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