Swapping vegetables for cookware

13 days ago

This was one of those situations where I think I definitely got the best of the deal....

There is a B&B right across the street, they buy eggs from me, and I know they will usually use my garden "over flow" when they have guests, things like fresh tomatoes for salsa or zucchini for zoodles. They always want to pay, I always just want to get rid of my excess. Because they are good neighbors and nice people, we try to help out and do things like haul large items to the Township's clean up with our truck and fix small things that really would be inconvenient to wait on a handy man to repair because guests are there. They always want to pay, we never want payment, because neighbors should help out neighbors and they are friends.

Last week I was canning tomato sauce and remarked to their chef/owner that I needed to buy a better stock pot because mine was too thin and things would stick and scorch if I cooked them until thick. She promptly told me that she had one she never uses because they no longer cater, and that she'd bring it right over, it would pay for the minor repairs and the vegetables. This is what she brought:

Yes, that's a 13 quart Staub enameled dutch oven in my favorite color, green. I told her that I couldn't take that, it was too expensive, I'd have to give her vegetables for the rest of my life! She smiled, plunked it on my counter, said she hadn't used it in nearly three years and she needed the space, plus she wanted it to have a good home where it would be appreciated.

I've already used it a couple of times for big batches of chile sauce and relish for canning. I really am going to have to give her vegetables for the rest of my life, though...


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