Pantry cabinet dilemma - 36" cabinet not offered

13 days ago

Our kitchen design is [nearly] complete, but we just found out that the cabinet line we went with (what our design and build company uses for non-custom cabinet projects) does not offer the 36" wide pantry cabinet in our plans. Currently the plans have been updated to have two 18" pantry cabinets instead, but we feel like that will be quite a bit less usable. The cabinet line is the Northpoint Cabinetry line in the Catalina style, which seems pretty good.

Any ideas on how to solve this to get a wider pantry cabinet? So I've had two ideas, but I'm not sure if either is feasible:

1. Order a 36" pantry cabinet from somewhere else. Ideally we'd be able to get the Northpoint Catalina doors to attach, but I'm not sure if you can order doors without the cabinet, and if we could would two 18" doors work ok on a different 36" cabinet? Also would need to color match the cabinet, ideally, though the doors are full-face so it might be ok?

2. Order the two 18" cabinets and somehow combine them by cutting away the interior adjoining walls and bracing them along the top (and back?), essentially turning two cabinet boxes into one larger cabinet box. This seems doable to me but I had no luck Googling for such a project.

Any thoughts? Are we being overly concerned, and two 18" cabinets would be fine?

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