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12 days ago

Cases of Covid 19 are rising here and so are the deaths. My lawncare guy still hasn't been around to mow my grass and I wonder if he is too sick. He told me he had Covid but only had a runny nose and then a fever later, after he didn't show up all weekend when he told me they would come. He was complaining that they made him quarantine for a runny nose the first time I talked to him.

More bad news, I have a GI bleed. Could be the reason for my anemia, or not. I have an appointment with a GI doctor in a couple of weeks. Not my usual doctor and I don't like that. I've had the same one for over 10 years now. I hope he is okay and not sick or worse. If I have to have a scope, which I'm sure they will want to do, I'm not sure the hospitals here will be able to do it. Because they're now overrun with Covid 19 patients. My daughter sent me a job announcement for the hospital her boyfriend works at and they are offering RNs $90 to $100 per hour no matter their experience level. They're sadly desperate.

Good news is I may be home working by this weekend! 3 of my coworkers have been home since Monday and all is working out.

Anything new with you?

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