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I know you're not doctors but I'd still like your opinion

2 years ago

My dr is closed and their message sd to call Telehealth or go to emerg. The last time I called Telehealth they wanted me to go to emerg within 30 minutes. I thought I might be dying. It was when I was getting a 24 hour flu 3 weeks in a row (extremely unusual). The on-call doc (part of the family dr system) called me and said he thought it was a migraine or cluster headaches. I bought migraine strength tylenol and some gravol and have never had it since.

So........what do you think it is?

I got stung by a bug yesterday. I had my purse over my shoulder with my arm resting on the top. I felt a sharp needle prick and jumped, looked down and a black bug was flying away.

It's been very itchy and I've been dabbing peroxide on it.

Now it's a red circle. It's right by my elbow, on the side/underside, so it might be hard to see. It was sure hard to get a pic.

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