OBF - September Fall Harvest

Susan Nieves - Happy Ohio Gardener
18 days ago
last modified: 13 days ago

September has arrived. Summer is coming to an end as we gather the harvests from our gardens and soon welcome Autumn.

This month we will have a simple seed and card swap, play Fall Harvest Bingo and a few other games, share some of our favorite Autumn recipes and activities.

To participate you must be a member of the OBF group. You will send your partner an Autumn themed card, store bought or handmade, with 5 packs of garden seeds collected or purchased fresh this year. Since it’s a Fall themed swap let’s try to send seeds for plants that bloom in yellow, red, purple, orange , etc, herbs or vegetables that remind you of Fall etc. Sign up by September 8th and mail by September 22nd. Partners will be assigned on September 9th and Bingo will begin on September 10th.

Hope everyone can join in the fun this month!

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