Pics of Coretec Blended Sienna and Blended Caraway

Carol Kisner
5 months ago

Hi there. We are replacing the floors throughout our home which was built in 1964. It currently has the natural oak that has yellowed with time that are in so many houses of that era. There are to many flaws to refinish. We have decided to go with LVP because we have 2 crazy furbabies who play tirelessly on the floor. I am having a really hard time picking a color. Our house runs dark as most windows are under porch and we are surrounded by trees. Every time I think I have picked something I bring the sample home and it looks to dark. I don't like the really blonde or yellow flooring. I fell in love with Coretec Blended Sienna and Blended Caraway and brought them home only to be disappointed once again. Does anybody have pics of Sienna and Caraway installed? The pics look like there is a good bit of light mixed in. My samples are darker in color with very minimal light included.

Also, does anybody have suggestions of any other Coretec color that would be light to medium light? I am wanting to stay in the browns vs grey. Thanks in advance.

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