neighbor illegally using mothballs

3 months ago

Hello friends. We are living through a kitchen/bathroom reno at our home and spending most of our time in our garage ("kitchen") and backyard. We live in the city on a lot close to our neighbor, a neighbor we've been friendly with for 11 years. She spotted a skunk on her Ring camera the other day and laid out a bunch of mothballs all over her yard, including right up against our property line, to supposedly repel the skunk (and other creatures like raccoons, opossums - city critters). I immediately knew she did this without seeing or being told she did because the chemical smell is so intense and we can smell it every time we step outside now. And indeed there are dozens of mothballs around the property.

I asked her about it nicely and said I'd see if the smell died down in a day, but it didn't, and those mothballs are cooking in 80+ degree sun all day. We're breathing in the nasty toxic fumes. I texted and asked her to remove them, said I'd purchase coyote urine to spray on her property and ours, but she didn't agree to remove them. Instead, she made a passive aggressive comment about smelling the porta potty on our driveway this renovation and our last one and said she doesn't complain about that so why am I complaining about the mothballs? (I'm really sensitive to smells, so if the porta potty really smelled I'm certain I would notice and I myself would have already complained to the construction company, but I've now asked them to have it moved further away from her property-- all she had to do was say something! I don't think comparing is fair-- the mothballs are being used illegally and they emit noxious fumes by nature!).

What argument would you make? I see online that there's nothing to back up claims that mothballs repel critters. So it's not an evidence-based method. Are there surefire products I can purchase to keep the city critters at bay? (We're a natural, organic, earthy kind of family, I don't want inhumane products or traps.)

THANK YOU. Feeling really stressed about this.

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