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Broken wrist! Now what!?

2 years ago

I just need to whine and see what your experiences are. Last Saturday, i was trinming a large bush from a 6 foot ladder and fell. i broke the end of the radius in 3 pieces and a piece of the end of the ulna broke off! I had surgery on Wednesday to set it with a plate and screws, so have been on pain meds since. Ugh! i was in the middle of a number of home projects including painting. This is my dominant, right hand! Gratefully I’m retired so that eliminates the stress of missing work, but my house is in total chaos with plastic down on floors and workhorses up in living room! I had just finished removing landscaping rock in a front bed…that is now a big hole waiting for edging and dirt. I start therapy this Tuesday but from what ive read it is a slow process. This is the first time I’ve broken a bone so don’t have experience to draw from. what have your experiences been? Am I going to be able to get back to these projects in a reasonable time? The surgeon thought 3 months, but I’ve read it can be much longer…feeling depressed and am swearing off ladders.

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