What faucets would you choose for a 60 inch wide sink?

2 months ago
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Welp, I've bitten the bullet and am building my kitchen around an island with an epic Rachiele workstation sink, a massive sixty inches wide in copper. Now I'm deciding on faucets. We plan to have two of them, mounted around 18-20 inches in from the ends, so two people can work at the sink at a time.

Now the hard part: deciding on the faucets. There are seemingly limitless choices out there, and we're having a hard time narrowing it down. I'm curious what you would choose, if you had this large of a sink to work with. We definitely need something with a sprayer with a long reach to cover the huge area, but are still weighing the pros and cons of other options. If YOU were choosing faucets for something like this, what would YOUR criteria be? What am I missing?

Some of my early ideas are:

  • Brizo Solna Articulating - I like the idea of this one because the sprayer can be set to different positions, lowering it down to rinse something in the bottom of the sink, or angling to the side a bit to wash veggies. I also like that the hose is less in-your-face than the giant springs on many pre-rinse faucets
  • Vigo Zurich - I like the pre-rinse style sprayer, and the option of having a regular pot filler. We also like that it always "defaults" to the pot filler, with a regular aerator spout. Sometimes you switch on a powerful sprayer, thinking it's on the aerator setting, and get splashed, so the fact that this one has the momentary squeeze handle is pretty cool.
  • Delta Pivotal Exposed Hose - I like this for a lot of the same reasons as the Solna - clean look, not so imposing. I am not sure on the limited color choices. We have stainless appliances but I don't know if stainless hardware will look great with the copper sink.

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