Would you pay THIS neighbor money? Why am I being asked to pay?

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A year ago my nextdoor neighbor let her son, living in California, move in with them. He didn't have a car, so asked if his friend could drive him here, to Colorado with his Dobie-dog and move in with them. They said yes, but only if their son used his GI Bill to go to college. The male "friend" that drove him here gets an unemployment disability check, which pays for his gas, his gym membership, dog food. Neither kid(I'm guessing late 20's) has ever looked for a job. Note: his disability is he's about 300lbs over weight. He's dieting, has lost 100lbs in the last year. He says his father died, which threw him into THIS situation. They had a business together.

The neighbor asked his "house guest" to rake HIS pine needles & bag them. He did. Now he has 45 bags & no way to haul them off. When he finishes, he'll have another 50. I offered to help. Every Saturday @ a local place, is Care & Share day, they recycle natural debris into mulch & sell it @ a discount. $5 to dump a truck load! A GOOD DEAL for everyone! I offered to haul off the next bunch of bags too.

My neighbor said he paid the guy $15 an hour for raking pine needles. I should give him money too for unloading my truck of the pine needles. ?? The neighbor thinks "I" should be paying THIS guy? I thought I was helping donating my time. My husband brought up the $35 we spent for gas. The guy came back later in the day....gave my husband $35(for gas).

My husband and I donated a day of our time and the use of our truck. (I wasn't asking for gas money) We like everyone involved....but why should I give this guy money? Tell me what I missed?

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