curiosity, must watch

I have been watching a YOutube channel from "Curiosity Inc." and I just wanted to share a bit about it.

They buy houses full of stuff and the house, maybe, and take you with them through the sorting of these places full of stuff. Very interesting!

They are always tasteful and very respectful of all involved.

This one that I just watched, they make a video of the woman who had lived there and whos stuff we had just gone through.

They buy these places with the stuff still there as if the owners just stepped out . Things still in the drawers, unmake bed, over flowing garbage, boxes and trunks buried everywhere, hidden rooms, all kings of things. They fill large dumpster full of stuff and truck some off to auctions, charities and different places. It is so interesting to go through all that with them. There is often a story behind all the debris of peoples lives that is left. Sometimes you can just almost feel what happened to the people who lived there.

So here, they did a episode of the woman who had lived there. She was a musical person and they found quite a bit about her.

How interesting!

There is also another much like it that they did with the house of woman who had been a potter and an artist. That was also interesting and we got to know a bit about the potter, as she was stil alive at the time.

After how many discussions that we have here about decluttering and such and how our kids dont want our stuff and we have too much stuff and what to do with all our is a story about a woman and her stuff and what it left.

It is also a tale of how life can close in around us as we get older. Very touching!

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