Recalls, Deals and Steals...

Some spice blends have just been recalled...this site, FoodSafetyNews covers outbreaks under investigation and FDA recalls. Spice blends are on page two. Link, HERE

Raos marinera became my go-to 2020. I make my own from garden tomatoes and freeze about 5-6 pounds of cherries whole. Good sale again until August 1st at Costco.

Picking cherries now, but the big boys are far from ripe. Homemade sauce is an early Septmeber project. I used a small amount on a few homemade pizza's last week. Froze the rest in 1/2 pints. Made an excellent quick pasta sauce last night with smoked bone broth and Raos and gorgonzola. Nice pantry item. I stocked up just now using instacart. TP, etc.

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