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On July 8th our next door neighbor's son asked my husband to come look at something in his backyard. There were 2 kittens, eyes not open yet, umbilical cords still attached, but dry, in a large empty ceramic vase (about 3 feet tall). I estimated they were about two days old. DH told him he should leave them be for now. Most likely momma was moving them to a new location, but if she didn't come back for them soon, we'd take them. When I got home from work, I went to look. They were still there and that glazed ceramic was hot to the touch, in full sun, 100+ degrees. Right or wrong, we decided they should come home with us, which is what the neighbor wanted in the first place. He didn’t want to have to supervise his dog when it was outside. The next day, he found another kitten in the planter and brought that one to us as well. I happened to have a can of powdered milk made for kittens and began feeding them every two hours. Two days later, one of the kittens expired. A couple of days later, another expired. The third kitten is now thriving and is now 22 days old. We had every intention of finding homes for them, but we’ve decided we can’t part with the lone survivor. Meet Jasper, #6 in our family of cats.

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