I'll show you mine/you show me yours - M 7/26/21

Today, show me something wet.

This week we'll do a Goldilocks sort of thing...

M- Something wet

T- Something dry

W- Something hot

Th- Something cold

Fr- Something just right


Please post one's own photos, not pictures or memes pulled off the internet, facebook, twitter, etc.

Give credit where credit is due.

See guidelines here

Comments (22)

  • Annie Deighnaugh
    Original Author
    last month

  • Elizabeth
    last month
    last modified: last month

    Superior. Always cold on a hot summer's day

  • lgmd_gaz
    last month

  • maire_cate
    last month

  • Uptown Gal
    last month

    Lake Michigan from the Wisconsin side.

  • hallngarden
    last month

    We are not on ocean at this moment. Will be back before it snows. Internet slow here between mountains.

  • nicole___
    last month
    last modified: last month

    Ian collects wine bottles he finds......hamming it up....pretending to drink out of one...

  • dedtired
    last month

    Swimming pool in Spain

  • eld6161
    last month

    I bet the little girl in Igmd would splash through this puddle.

  • Toronto Veterinarian
    last month

    watching the rain

  • jrb451
    last month

    Niagara Falls was wet.

  • glenda smith
    last month

    Grandson and friend: Hawaii

  • fran1523
    last month

    Yes those rocks are hippos

  • Fun2BHere
    last month

    Taken through a window.

  • Lars
    last month

    Surfer in wetsuit, Pismo Beach

  • jim_1 (Zone 9A)
    last month

    Glad I'm not standing right there.

  • sealavender
    last month

    It's wet under the pier...

  • Kathsgrdn
    last month

  • seagrass_gw Cape Cod
    last month

    YaYagal - I took that photo in Marseilles many years ago. Flatters me that you liked it.

  • murraysmom Zone 6a OH
    last month

    Cruising in Alaska.

  • Ladydi Zone 6A NW BC Canada
    last month

    Poor Kitty asking to get let in from the rain 😁!

  • wildchild2x2
    last month

    Slippery wet trail.

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