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I'll show you mine/you show me yours - W 3/25

Annie Deighnaugh
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Letter of the day is "V" as in vase.


Please post one's own photos, not pictures or memes pulled off the internet, facebook, twitter, etc.

Give credit where credit is due.



  1. These threads are to share *your* photos. It is not about pulling pictures or memes off the internet, facebook, twitter, etc. It is about sharing a photo that is personal to you. Know the source of your photo. We assume you are the photographer. If not, then credit the photographer, such as my son took this picture on our vacation. A personal photo where you don't know the photographer, such as a pic of your grandmother as an infant, is ok, but please state it as such.
  2. Exception to #1 above: we have occasionally come across questions of identification of plants or animals. One may post a specimen photo off the internet to help in identification. Please credit it as such.
  3. This is not a photography contest, so everyone is welcome from beginner to pro, whether using fancy equipment or a cell phone. We're not judging the photo as much as sharing our experiences.
  4. There may be a theme for the day suggested by the initial photo, but it is not necessary to follow that theme.
  5. One or two photos per post are optimal. No more than 5 photos per post please, but post as often as you like.
  6. A caption isn't required but is helpful.
  7. These threads are meant to be a respite from the craziness in the world, so posts/topics that are potentially controversial, contentious or upsetting are discouraged.

By following these guidelines, it is hoped we can keep the atmosphere here pleasant and welcoming which will encourage us to share our experiences while enhancing our creativity and our ability to notice and appreciate the world around us and our fellow posters.

Thank you for your participation and cooperation. Happy shooting!

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