What's wrong with my Meyer Lemon (indoors)? Scale vs Edema...

Moosa Jamal
last month
last modified: last month

Hi there, long time lurker here.

I've been struggling with an issue on my indoor Meyer Lemon recently where the underside of the leaves seems to have these brown-ish bumpy lesions, causing the leaf to seem less opaque in certain lighting (it's how I first noticed it).

The tree otherwise seems healthy I guess, and recently had a flush of new growth (the new leaves don't have any lesions as of yet)

Initially I was concerned about a type of scale since I've had small amounts in the past (treated with isopropyl alcohol). But recently I saw some info about edema and was wondering if it could be that instead? So far I've tried a homemade spray of alcohol+water+soap and just recently tried Safer's EndAll as a treatment (assuming it was an infestation).

This one is after scratching the bumps with my nail.

Any help would be appreciated in diagnosing what this could be. Thanks!

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