vaulted shower situation…help!

7 days ago

I am giving my bathroom an update. Just in the planning stages. Walls are 9’ at the side and vault up to 18’. Can’t find a way to give you a full pic of that. Renovations need to fix a shower issue-we are getting mildew/mold on the ceiling where the wall meets the ceiling bc we are not capturing enough of the moisture from the shower with our fans (obviously). We will get stronger fans that also auto start when moisture is detected, but I think my glass shower walls need to be higher to give the fan right above the shower more time to capture the moisture. I also want to retain more heat in the shower - we run the water pretty hot bc all the warm air quickly escapes the shower (and all the cold air falls in its place). Ideas for how the glass might be set up here? I’m guessing sheets that tall are not a good idea. I’m ok adding some structure around the shower to support glass, but I don’t want to block the light from the skylight (love showering when the light streams into the shower). :) Any advice out there? Thanks a million!

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