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Any Apple iPhone/Apple Watch 6 Gurus Here?

last year
last modified: last year

We (Hubs and I) are having an issue with his iPhone and Apple Watch 6, and so far, the folks at Apple Tech Support cannot resolve the issue. I'm hoping that perhaps someone here might be able to shed some light...

Hubs and I have both had iPhones for many years. We have done the "share my location" thing with each other, which has come in very handy several times, including finding the location of his phone when it was inadvertently dropped several miles from home, and being able to guide him out of an area several hours away (I was at home) when roads were closed because of wildfires. Late last month Hubs got a new Apple Watch Series 6, with GPS and Cellular. It is paired to his iPhone.

The issue is that ever since he got the watch, the "Find My" app is wonky. If he is at home, the app shows that he, his iPhone, and his watch, are at home. But if he is not at home, e.g., gone to the grocery store, the app shows him as "no location found," and it shows his iPhone and his watch at home as of a time earlier than the time when the app is being used. BUT, on average, every other time that he is away from the house, the app will show a location for his watch but it is not current. It will show a location for where his watch was 15 minutes to an hour earlier but then it won't update from there. (To be clear, by "every other time" I mean it's a yes/no/yes/no situation.)

Also, when he's at home the icons in the Find My app for his iPhone and watch show the icons on his device in color, but when he's not at home, they show black screens. Like this:

This is what the icons look like for his iPhone and Apple watch when he is, in fact, at home (and there's an iPad showing, as well):

But this is what they look like when he is not at home. This is how it shows his iPhone when it's shown as being at home, when it is, in fact, away from home with Hubs:

And this is how his Apple watch shows when he is wearing it away from home. This is when it showed the watch at a location where he had been 15 minutes earlier:

The software on all of our devices is up to date, and he has unpaired his watch from his iPhone and then paired them again, but it hasn't helped. Anyone here have any ideas or a known resolution?

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