Stackable file boxes for small condo

Wilson Wanene
2 months ago

I have a small condo (535 square feet).

I'm trying to organize my place so I can use space efficiently. One thing I've noticed is that I have file boxes of different sizes and they therefore take up a lot of space. I'm finally realizing that if I had stackable file boxes, it would be more space efficient (some of us are really slow in terms of arriving at workable solutions).

I was wondering whether anyone has had good experience with stackable file boxes (the ones that use hanging folders). If so, which ones did you use? I'm thinking of plastic ones but I'm open to any suggestion (but I do not want cardboard).

I'll probably end up needing 10 in total. Would love to get ones that look nice but efficiency is the main goal.

I'll continue to google but felt it wouldn't hurt to ask others for suggestions.

I'll appreciate any tip. I've just started straightening up my place. It's going to be a challenge.

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