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Frigidaire Professional 36" Induction cooktop VS Bosch Benchmark 36"

last year
last modified: last year

I had decided on the Bosch Benchmark 36" induction cooktop for our new kitchen and when discussing with our appliance person, I had mentioned how I would miss knobs from gas, and he recommended I seriously consider the Frigidaire Profressional 36" induction cooktop (which has knobs).

He explained Frigidaire was owned by Electrolux. He then went into some history, explaining that when induction was brought to NA, there were essentially two European companies making the technology -- one Italian and one German. According to him, the Italian technology was better and Electrolux bought them and used that technology for their induction appliances, including Frigidaire. And went on to say they're much lower priced because they want more market share - and I could save money to put elsewhere.

Does anyone have experience with the Frigidaire Pro 36" induction cooktop?

Does anyone know if this history is accurate?

Many thanks for any insights!

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