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Tell me your experience with Zellige tiles

Erika McConnell
2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I plan on putting white zellige tiles on the shower wall and have samples from 3 distributors: zia, Riad, and Cle. Please tell me your experience with each and installation. We will be using experienced installers but likely haven’t installed zellige since it is so new (haven’t talked to them yet but they have worked with my contractor for some time). I know that it has chips, needs to be sealed, wet the tiles before installation, use marapei grout, etc, — i hvae done some research, but I LOVE how it looks and so does my husband. We live in a hundred year old Tudor, and we just think it has the character we are looking for. We have an original Art Deco bathroom downstairs, and the zellige to me mirrors the character of that original tile. I am using marble on the floor, but I just dont want an all marble bathroom — they are so pretty and elegant but can feel cold to me. The zellige tile adds warmth IMO. Thanks!

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