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Tell me your Fleetwood or Milgard aluminum experiences.

10 years ago

I've decided that I want to use aluminum windows to replace the old aluminum ones in my mid-century modern home.

The previous homeowner replaced a couple of sliding doors with vinyl, and I am just not on board with that look for this house.

I also have a modern condo and recently all the old aluminum windows in the entire complex were redone with new bronze/black aluminum by Milgard. So that's the direction I want to go in this home as well. I am not all that happy with the weep holes in the new condo windows. After a rain last summer, my tenant complained about water in all the sills. One window had a leak, so I had Milgard come out and they fixed that one, and drilled the weep holes a bit larger on the other ones.

I was researching brands and came across Fleetwood. They look $$$ but they state on their site that they have a "budget" line.

Do any of you have experiences with thin, modern-look aluminum windows of either brand? I'm in Southern California if it makes any difference. Fleetwood's Corona location is about an hour from me.

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