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Amys world! Amys world! Party time! Excellent!

last year

Well, not quite party time. My mom is hosting a big family party at her house tomorrow. I'm cooking most of the food today at my house and taking it there to finish off for a lunch buffet. So far, I've made:
Olive bread bites
Devilled eggs
Potato salad
Mac and cheese
Turkey meatballs and sauce
Stuffed mushrooms
Buffalo chicken dip
I'm waiting for the dishwasher to finish the first round of the mountain of dishes I created to finish, because I need my mini chop bowl and my ninja blender. All that's left is:
my cream cheese olive chip dip,
fresh salsa and
hot spinach artichoke dip,
which I may wait to make fresh tommorow.
My dad will be smoking a ham for the main, and I will also be roasting some shrimp and some cocktail weenies when I get there tommorow. The kiddos (and I to be honest) like the weenies the most. And they're easy. No sauce or nothing, just straight up cocktail weenies.
The stuffed mushrooms were a last minute thing. One of my brothers in law has a red meat allergy because of a tick bite. So I always make at least a couple poultry dishes for him. That's why turkey meatballs. Anyway, I asked for 2 pounds of ground turkey, my mother sent 5. Ugh. I went to publix to pick up a few odds and ends that she couldn't find for whatever reason, and more ingredients for the extra meatballs i would apparently be rolling.. While there I saw some really pretty mushrooms. So I grabbed them and a pack of boursin cheese and decided to stuff em. The recipe I use calls for a mix of italian and regular breakfast sausage. I decided to take a pound of the excess turkey and make a hybrid. I added fennel seed,(ground in my pink pestle and mortar) sage, salt and pepper, a little cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder,paprika and some dried oregano and let it sit overnight. I cooked it with some very finely chopped (in my pick mini chopper) celery, green onion, jalapeño and also the mushroom stems. Added the boursin and a little parmesan cheese. Stuffed and ready to bake tomorrow. The filling turned out a little too spicy for me but I know other people will like it. And the leftovers will make a good omelet filling.
I must be losing my mind because when I made the mountain of meatballs I didn't put eggs or breadcrumbs in them. Just meat, cheese,onion, garlic and seasonings. They still turned out really yummy though. But I wonder where my mind was....
I have pictures but for some reason this site does not want me to share them. It hasn't let me post pictures in a long time.
Gotta go, I hear the dishwasher is finished. Cinderellas work is never done....

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