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Should I replace my new 30" cooktop with a double oven range?

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

Hi! I appreciate any feedback. I am doing a new build and I am not totally happy with the kitchen appliance package I selected. However, that ship has sailed and I am not able make any changes at this point so I am thinking of ways to modify or add kitchen appliances once the house is completed so I can end up with a kitchen I like aesthetically and functionally at a minimal cost.

The package I ended up with consists of GE Cafe wall oven with the microwave/combo on top, a 30" cooktop with drawers under a 30" hood, and a 48" subzero fridge. I somewhat regret going with a 30" cooktop however I mostly have made peace with that. The thing I am debating now is whether to add extra ovens and how to best do it.....

1. One option is replacing the cooktop with a GE Cafe slide in 6 burner range ( I like the look), this would give me 2 extra smaller ovens while also having the full size oven, not sure about the aesthetics with going to a range having a cooktop now (this would be the least expensive).

2. Another option is to keep the cooktop and add a smaller steam oven in the base cabinet between the fridge and regular oven, this would give me an extra oven while keeping the cooktop look....

3. Another option is to keep the cooktop and add a single GE Cafe convection oven under it, this keeps the cooktop look while having the added oven.

4. Another is to have the slide in range with double ovens in place of the cooktop and also add the wall steam oven between the fridge and the regular oven.

Please let me know what you think is a better look........ Ideally I want to add extra ovens, however I don't want to end up with a worst look.

There's a cabinet wraparound area in the butlers going to the formal dining room, but I am thinking this is not a good spot for any ovens as it's all counter space with uppers and is away from main kitchen triangle.

I welcome any other suggestions to achieve my goal that I haven't considered. I am trying to minimize having to modify cabinets.

Thanks for any help on this been spinning my wheels quite a bit!




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