Any ideas on how to create this patio area

Franca Angelis
11 months ago

We are wanting to create a patio area, using pavers, in our backyard. It’s basically a blank slate. In the picture, the house is in the bottom left-hand corner, and the yard extends left. I want it to look like an extension from our deck stairs. The white lines I’ve very badly drawn in are… a few pavers that would take you from the staircase to the patio area. The outline I’ve drawn is 12’ x 16’ = 192 sq ft. I’d like to have a propane fire table in the middle and be able to have approx 8 chairs to be able to sit around it. I can’t go too far back as there is a large tree and probably has large roots extending into the yard.

  1. My issue is, besides a rectangle, what other shape do you think would look good?
  2. And any suggestions on what pavers you would use?

Thanks kindly for any suggestions you may have!

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