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I don't buy them, but I never thought I'd see this

last year

Everyone knows how popular the rotisserie chickens are at Costco. I never buy them, and it seems like others won't be able to. This is at our local Costcos.

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  • pudgeder
    last year

    Oh brother!!

    Beef prices our out of this world, now chicken will be too.

  • Elmer J Fudd
    last year

    This is a Canadian business. Do the stores in your area receive poultry supplies from Canada?

  • maifleur03
    last year

    With this extreme heat in several areas of the country growers of poultry seldom have more than large exhaust fans to keep the flocks cool. If it continues expect poultry prices to be higher.

  • Annie Deighnaugh
    last year
    last modified: last year

    We buy one probably once a month. Just bought one and no signs of a shortage here...not yet anyway. For $5 we get a lot of servings out of one chicken, first as chicken and then as soup.

  • sushipup1
    last year

    Restaurants here (PA) have reported problems getting chicken wings.

  • Jasdip
    Original Author
    last year

    Elmer, I did some noodling around and they get their poultry from a Canadian company and they're on strike.

    Our chicken and beef has risen a lot in price, though, just like yours.

  • Elmer J Fudd
    last year
    last modified: last year

    Yes, jasdip, I did the same with the name on the sign on the counter.

    We don't buy these and try to avoid products that can be expected to come from factory scale operations because they're usually brined (wet with water inside and salty) and procured based on price only. In my view, the huge agglomerated food processors have ruined food taste and quality and are the reason why so much food (especially meat) in the food supply has bacterial contamination.

    We prefer food from smaller producers when possible and in my area as in others, there are such choices. I'd rather pay twice as much to have top quality food half as often as to make price or convenience-only decisions. The regionally available air cooled chicken raised with real outdoor access that we buy from a family run producer (Mary's Chicken) is a bit more expensive but tastes how chicken used to taste. Salt and pepper and roasted with nothing else on it, you've never had anything that tastes so good. Very little effort and it takes 40 minutes when doing a whole chicken cut into pieces or when just doing pieces. Or cooked on a grill or BBQ plain, same outcome.

    Mass produced chicken raised indoors and treated with chlorinated water after slaughter has no taste, by comparison. That's why the popularity these days of recipes with chicken with so many different types of sauces and seasonings. There's not much flavor otherwise.

  • chisue
    last year

    I was thinking of the poor hens this morning when I fried some eggs. It must be impossibly hot in the hen houses. (One of the 'large' eggs reminded me of a ping pong ball, it was that small.)

  • wednesday morning
    last year

    Elmer I agree with you about the chickens at Costco. The last one I bought, I buried in the backyard. I thought that it smelled and tasted of chemicals, chlorine, in particular.

    Other than that, those birds are so overly processed that you can hardly know what you are eating because it all taste chemically enhanced and brined.

    That Costco chicken just smelled and tasted like the miserable life and death that it experienced and not something that I want to eat.

    I buy meat mostly from local sources when I can , with the exception of some pork, sometimes.

    We were in Costco and felt adventurous so we bought one of those chickens. Never again!

    I am very selective about meat consumption. Rather a bit of good stuff once in a while than grocery store meat with every meal. Less quantity and more quality!! That is one reason that hubs and I have many more meatless meals.

    I also agree with you, Elmer, that the better quality meat tastes more like meat used to taste. A good meat needs no more than some simple seasoning. The folks who buy ground meat and add onion soup or spice mix to it are just flavoring cheap meat to taste like something that it is not. . If your meat needs that enhancement, why not just find something else?

    If you can get some of those outdoor raised chickens you will be amazed at how different in freshness and flavor that they are . And, they dont stink and smell like factory processed chickens. They look and smell so much cleaner! And, the broth from one of these chickens is unreal! So much of the store selections are so lacking in flavor or quality that they serve not much more purpose than to provide protein.

  • Debby
    last year

    I LOVE their rotisserie chickens! They're big and plump and juicy meat better than the Superstore or Sobeys chickens here. I love buying them when I want to make a big pot of soup. I take all the meat off and cook the bones for the broth. I'll cook mashed potatoes and veggies and use some of the meat to go with it. Then I'll use more meat for chicken sandwiches for supper the next day. And the rest of the meat goes in the soup. Three meals! They're cheaper to buy already cooked than the raw chicken and you don't have to cook it.

  • roxsol
    last year

    I have been a Costco member since 1986. I have never bought one of their rotisserie chickens! I may give it a go this week.

  • chloebud
    last year

    "I LOVE their rotisserie chickens!"

    Same with me. They're such a deal...tasty, cheap and convenient. I buy them all the time.

  • Toronto Veterinarian
    last year

    I've heard great things about them from friends, but haven't bought them myself. Not against their suppliers, just because I enjoy making my own.

  • Lars
    last year

    I used to buy rotisserie chickens in Mexico City at a deli across the street from some friends' apartment that I used to visit. The chickens were very good and tasted better (to me) than ones that I had in the U.S. I think chickens in Mexico were more likely to be free-range - at least back in the 1970s and early 1980s when I used to visit every year.