If you watch Manifest (and watched last night)

last month

If you haven't watched the season finale of Manifest but plan to, stop reading right now, as this post is a spoiler.


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It's a crazy show at times, but I've watched it from the beginning and am hooked. The "science" (huh?) lost me some time ago, but I really like the characters.

Which brings me to Grace. I hope they didn't kill her off. I'm guessing they did not. After all, so many freaky things happen on this show, surely they can engineer Grace's recovery. What do you think?

So when Cal appeared before his mother he was suddenly aged to the age he would have been if he hadn't been on Flight 828? I thought he looked a little odd--maybe because he was the young Cal actor + makeup. Or was he?

In the previous episode, it looked like Michaela was missing a tooth. Anyone else notice that?

And how do you think they'll resolve Michaela's love triangle?

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