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Help! Can I have all leather in living area? Can I mix arms?

2 years ago
last modified: 2 years ago

I live in a retirement lake house. We have a brown leather couch and loveseat which we bought new 4 years ago and a chair and a half recliner which we inherited. The recliner needs to be replaced, but I cannot find a chair and half recliner that meets our needs. So we are considering another loveseat that has 2 recliners. We found one that is smaller, 54 in., but the arms are different. Ones that have similar arms are too big for my small space. I have a couple of questions…

1. Can I mix the arms even though the new loveseat will be near the couch? The new loveseat does not have rolled arms, but the lines are rounded.

2. Hubby wants it to be in the same brown leather (of course! lol). My thought was to go for a lighter uphostery, but he is afraid that he will get it dirty. What about a lighter leather? or will I be able to soften the brown enough to make me happy?

Thank you!

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