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Oops! I forgot about the crown molding...what do I do?

2 years ago

The previous owners put crown molding in all rooms except the living room. Why? I have no idea!

So, master bedroom, master full bath, and master half bath all have crown molding and it is in really good shape. I cleaned it up and it looks great. Now I need to decide if I keep it or not.

Here is the problem... We removed the soffett over the 5 ft tub, and we will be turning it into a tiled shower.

The oak crown molding went above the door then around the soffett. With the soffett gone, that means the crown molding will go inside the shower. The oak looks brand new, so I hate to get rid of it. I don't think I have ever seen wood in a shower except for Teak.

My guesses:

1. Put the crown molding in the shower, maybe use marine grade clear coat, run the tile up to the molding.

2. Remove all molding, but then the cabinets will be affected because the molding was removed. Would need new trim pieces where the molding used to touch the cabinets.

3. Put the crown molding around all but the interior of the shower. The wall that separates the toilet from the shower would have crown molding, but only to where the tile will be. Do the same on the wall by the door. That might look a little weird though.

Any other suggestions? Thank you.