A Facebook question

2 months ago

I do not have a FB account, I hate Facebook, I think it is evil.

But my husband has an account and keeps in touch with his former employees. I use his account since we moved because there are active "What's Happening" and "Recommendations" pages for our township (Nextdoor is useless, because it covers have of Philly.) FB has been useful for finding stores and tradespeople.

That said, [;ease tell me why people do not proofread or edit their posts? When you make a recommendation, FB inserts a link to whatever they have in their files that sounds close. Today, a query about nail salons yielded a place in Vietnam. A mention of Sam's Italian Deli posts a link to Sam's Club, Someone asked about landscaping supplies, and a reply "Allied" got a medical center in the Philippines. That's just today on a not very busy page.

And these don't seem to ever be edited or corrected.

Which leads me to believe that a lot FB users are not paying attention, lazy or very dumb. Which probably explains a lot of what's wrong in politics today.

Sigh. Vent over.

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