Transplanting Daffidols now ?

6 months ago
last modified: 6 months ago

I removed - some daffodils - 3 weeks back. Put them into a container but most of them have browned out for the most part

The rest of the daffodil patch (densely planted, about 250 bulbs per patch), I want to do some dividing). Figure got another month or so till brownout. Leaves are still very green which is perfect on forking the soil and then heaving/lifting the bulbs since since things are still attached.

Whaddya say. Do it now while in the green ?

If I wait till it's yellowed out or in the fall, it's a much bigger job as now I'm going to have to remove 8inches + of dirt and slowly excavating them out.

The worst thing is just diminished blooms if I reset them now ?

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